Liverpool Podiatry | About us

Liverpool Podiatry is a collective of podiatrists, all of whom are passionate about what they do - improving the quality of life of individuals with foot and lower limb problems using a variety of podiatric assessment and treatment techniques. Podiatric assessment treatment is tailored to the individual and can be carried out in clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

At Liverpool Podiatry we pride ourselves on being patient centered and we promise to treat you as an individual at all times. At Liverpool Podiatry we will always:

Liverpool Podiatry want you to get the most from your treatment sessions, we believe that the best results are achieved using a team approach between patient and podiatrist. Therefore, what you do at home in between your podiatry appointments is as important as the treatment itself. At the end of your podiatry consultation your podiatrist will go through what you need to do.

What We Treat

Whatever your foot or lower limb problem Liverpool Podiatry may be able to help you! The following list is an example of some of what we treat at Liverpool Podiatry: