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What is PACT - Med?

Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (PACT) is a revolutionary approach to treatment of fungal nail infections in both fingernails and toenails. As opposed to other long-term, PACT treatment is safe, painless, and effective treatment that destroys the fungus and could leave you free of infection after three sessions over a one week period. All necessary treatment will take place at the time of your appointment removing the need for self-applied treatment in between sessions or after. PACT treatment involves focussing a beam of high wavelength light on to the fungal infection.

How does it work?

The PACT approach utilises a combination of PACT Nail Fungus Gel and a PACT high-power LED lamp. The affected nail is initially stained with PACT Gel (photosensitiser) that is harmless to human cells but selectively targets fungi, making it sensitive to the specific wavelength of light used by the PACT Lamp. The PACT Lamp then focuses a high wavelength of light on to the fungus to destroy 99.9% of the infection and to prevent future regrowth. As the PACT Lamp has only been used to target the fungal infection, there is no damage caused to your skin or nail.


In order to determine the extent and severity of your fungal nail infection, our podiatrist would first conduct an assessment of the affected region. A visual diagnosis can usually be given if the distinguishing signs of fungal nail infection are identified, the treatment options available would then be discussed with you after your appointment. Depending on the number of infected nails, mild fungal nail infections can normally be resolved over a series of three sessions in just one week. During your first PACT appointment, the infected toenail will first be trimmed and filed. The thickened nail will then be reduced using a podiatry drill. Doing this allows the PACT Gel to efficiently penetrate the fungal cells, facilitating a more effective treatment. Treatment on each infected nail will last approximately 20 minutes per session. The first 10 minutes of the session will consist of a thorough application of PACT Gel to the infected nail; the following nine-and-a-half minutes will involve the PACT Lamp focusing beams of high wavelength light onto the infected area. The painless treatment allows you to continue with your activities of daily living as usual. This process is repeated twice to complete the PACT treatment programme. A follow up appointment is recommended four to six weeks later for one final PACT treatment. As with any course of treatment for an infection, it is imperative that this is completed to prevent the fungus from returning. Your healthy nail will then begin it's regrowth infection free. Nail regrowth can, in some cases, can take up to four months to complete. For more severe infections, treatment can and should be performed more regularly. It is also recommended that follow up treatment is arranged for a period of up to six months, dependant on the severity of the infection.


To prevent reinfection, it is important that you take the upmost care with your toenails. Socks should be washed at temperatures above 60°C to prevent fungus from spawning and shoes should be sprayed regularly with an antifungal spray for at least four weeks. Flip-flops should also be worn at the gym/swimming pool as this is where the fungus is commonly found.

Any side effects?

After thorough testing, PACT treatment has been found to be free of side effects. PACT is safe for persons of all ages and for use on diabetes patients also. Some patients have noted a slight tingling feeling during PACT, but nothing that would cause pain. The stain made by PACT Gel can, in some cases, remain for up to seven days.

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