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Liverpool Podiatry is pleased to offer the following podiatric services:

Routine podiatry

Routine podiatry covers what is sometimes referred to as traditional 'chiropody' treatment. Many routine podiatry complaints are a source of discomfort; they can also be a cause of embarrassment. The good news is that many conditions can be treated quickly and painlessly in clinic, with immediate improvement in pain and discomfort, as well as appearance.

Conditions regularly treated at Liverpool Podiatry include:

Musculoskeletal Podiatry

Musculoskeletal podiatry is a specialism within podiatry that focuses solely on muscular and orthopedic complaints affecting the foot and lower limb. This means that if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in the muscles, tendons, or joints of the foot, ankle, leg, or hip, particularly when walking or weightbearing, then Liverpool Podiatry may be able to help you.

Musculoskeletal conditions routinely treated at Liverpool Podiatry include:

If you have a musculoskeletal complaint we recommend that you have a biomechanical assessment. A biomechanical assessment assesses the mechanics of your foot and lower limb, assesses muscle strength/tightness, and includes a gait analysis. The gait analysis is a vital element of the biomechanical assessment as it allows the podiatrist to assess the interaction between the foot and the ground during each stage of the gait cycle. This ensures that you receive the correct treatment.

Orthoses Provision

Liverpool Podiatry prescribes orthoses as and when required. Orthoses are inserts that are worn inside the shoes; they can be either bespoke or readymade. Bespoke orthoses are custom made to your requirements. If you require orthoses you will need to have a biomechanical assessment first, at the end of the assessment your podiatrist will discuss with you the orthoses options.

If you would like more information on orthoses please contact us.

Paediatric Podiatry

Paediatric podiatry, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of foot and lower limb problems affecting children.

Liverpool Podiatry regularly helps parents and children with the following:

At Liverpool Podiatry we understand that parents are often concerned about the way their child is walking, or the position of their child's foot. If you are concerned about your child please visit Liverpool Podiatry where our friendly podiatrists will either put your mind at rest, or, design a treatment plan specific to your child.

High Risk Management

If you have a medical condition that means you are at risk of foot and lower limp problems, or, if you have medical complication already affecting your feet and you would like help with their management, then Liverpool Podiatry can help you.

Liverpool Podiatry can help you in the management of the following:

Foot Health Education

Foot health education is routinely given during each podiatry consultation; however, Liverpool Podiatry can provide foot health education on request to individuals, groups, care and residential homes, businesses and organizations.

Foot health education can be given verbally, via information leaflets, or presentations. Liverpool Podiatry can provide foot health education on topics such as:

Nail Surgery

Liverpool Podiatry can, when necessary, perform nail surgery. Nail surgery is a surgical procedure that involves removing either a part of, or all of, a problematic nail. Nail surgery is performed under local anesthesia; this means that during the surgery you will feel no pain. At Liverpool Podiatry nail surgery is subject to an assessment.

Nail Reconstruction

Liverpool Podiatry is pleased to offer a nail reconstruction service. Nail reconstruction is a cosmetic, as well as a therapeutic treatment that involves re-building the toenail. Nail reconstruction is suitable for unsightly fungal nails, damaged nails, or those with no nail at all, either due to trauma or surgery.

Nail reconstruction does not damage the natural toenail or inhibit its growth. It is suitable for everyone, including diabetics.

If you would like to discuss nail re-construction further please contact us.

Injection Therapies

Liverpool Podiatry offers the following injection therapies:

Ostenil injections are suitable for the treatment of hallux limitus, an osteoarthritic condition that affects the big toe joint. Ostenil injections help to alleviate pain, and increase function at the big toe joint.

Steroid injections help to reduce the inflammation associated with a number of soft tissue and joint problems affecting the foot. The steroids ability to reduce inflammation means that it can relieve any pain that is associated with inflammation.

To find out more about Liverpool Podiatry's injection therapy service please contact us.

Report writing

Liverpool Podiatry can provide the following reports upon request:

Home Visits

If you would prefer to be treated in your own home then Liverpool Podiatry can provide a home visit service. You do not need any specific requirements to request a home visit, however, those who find getting to clinic difficult will find the home visit service most beneficial.

Clinic visits

The Liverpool Podiatry clinic is located at the prestigious 88 Rodney Street.

The clinic is centrally located with good transport links, and on street metered parking.

Our Liverpool clinic prides itself on having: